Buried Fire

Based on the true story of Louis Remme who, in February of 1855, raced 600 miles from Sacramento to Portland on horseback to rescue his life's savings from a failing bank.

​Photo by David Kinder. 

Just This One

Remme's Run

A prison-bound bluesman's final gig is crashed by three women looking for a piece of his music and, maybe, him.

Music and lyrics by Paul deLay

​Photo by Kathy Rose. 

A married blues singer returns home for a benefit gig and meets an old flame 20 years too late. Or not. 

​Music and lyrics by Dave Fleschner

Script and songs available at the New Play Exchange.

​Photo by Whink.

Jaffa Gate

In 1900 Palestine, three religious pilgrims of diverse faith tell stories, Scheherazade-style, in a desperate plea for mercy - and their heads. Read the script at the New Play Exchange.

​Photo by Whink.